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Alternatively, you can feed them on vegetables. You can successfully use your family labor for rabbit farming business. Latest news. YEAH……neeed the advise please..i want to start the farming right away….!!! Anyone selling contact me please 0712243063. I am finally rested in farming and more so in Rabbit rearing. Here is the full list of rabbit breeds which are used for commercial production. Can collect and travel by bus to Kampala easily!! Kindly visit your nearest ministry offices to inquire more on requirements for starting up rabbit farming in your area. Am in my early stages of establishing a Rabbit Farm. Easy to feed and store, pelleted rabbit feeds are available from many companies and at most local feed stores. Kind regards. This enables us to develop feeds which ensure healthy cows, high milk production and efficient feed conversion ratios. In general rabbit pellets should contain a minimum of 18 percent fiber, 12 to 14 percent protein, a maximum of 3 percent fat and between 0.5 and 0.8 percent calcium. It is very encouraging…. Poultry Thank you! Would also like find out if you can provide support for me to start farm? As a result commercial rabbit farming in Kenya is becoming popular day by day. We use multiple systems to test all relevant ingredients and feed formulations. If you sell please email me. Located at Nakuru District. May God bless you! How many rabbits you want to start with? Starting rabbit farming in Kenya requires very little capital or investment. Been doing a lot of research and have seen some information about contract farming and independent farming, what’s your advise and the advantages? Sufficient amount of nutritious and balanced diet food keeps the rabbit healthy and productive. Protein from white meat is derived from sea foods, pork tenderloin, poultry, double muscle in beef, domesticated game birds and rabbits. Give them fresh feed twice a day; once in the morning and plenty at night. Each time one doe can give birth of 2-8 kids. I am also in Uganda and just starting the rabbit project, They gain maturity fast and become suitable for slaughtering purpose within 4-5 months. Now, using a feed formulation package doesn’t make it okay to “just guess” about what your flock needs. Depending on the breeds, various breeds vary in their weight. Turkey, About Us In that case you would have to visit big hotels and research centers looking for market. Hi am Peter from Kenya,am very much willing to start rabbit farming,kindly help and get intouch with me through 0719251801, hey,am much interested in rabbit production get me intouch. good work, Good day Advertise Benida Foods is yet another example of a company that deals with rabbit marketing in Kenya. A feed formulation package will help give you all the data in an easy-to-digest form so that you can make the right decisions for your flock. Am about to grow on rabbit rearing . Rabbit feed formulation helps you to save on rabbit food costs. Very impressed. Hi am viona from mombasa and I would like to buy 22 rabbits to start with. Will cold weather affects them? I live in the UK and planning to return home and start rabbit farming. Rabbit meat is white, high quality, easily digestible and low fat. Source – slideshare.com. 600,000 per week from selling chicks. And for commercial production 1200-1500 squire centimeter clean space is required for 1 kg weight. Don’t fear about marketing your products. How I use hydroponics to feed my 700 chickens and guinea fowls. An average rabbit feeds on 2 leaves of sukumawiki (Kales) per day. I am starting a rabbit farm in Dar es salaam can I know the location of your farm so I can come to buy some seed rabbits and also have a practical experience of an operating farm? Am planning to start a rabbit farm January 2016. Which would be my nearest market. i need to purchase good rabbit breeds for commercial purpose. Rabbit meat provides low calories per kilogram of meat consumed than pork, turkey, chicken or beef. Kind Regards Where can we get capital to commercialize this kind of good project? Every business goes with some problems. My farm is in Narok county. How I turned my disastrous watermelon farm around to make millions. I have now received my starting 130 Rabbits they are doing well by now. Rabbit meat retails at a price range of Ksh500 and Ksh700 per kilogram. Rabbit Republic is one such company. I have learnt alot on how to rare commerce rabbits.i appreciate your help. Complete feeds tend to be significantly more expen-sive than home-made concentrate rations. My home is in Nyeri. The project is going on well, except for the market. Rabits now iwant to keep them for commercial but the problem is .market in tanzania help me plz. passionate about business & a champion of the entrepreneurial culture. Pigeon Kindly WhatsApp me: +254705788202 (Introduce yourself first), Hi i am mawazo Winston mwakajinga from Tanzania I like to start a business of Rabbit anyone come inbox 0752767941. Feeds are a major cost because rabbits consume about 25 grams of pellets per day. It has low cholesterol and high protein compared to most other meat. Some important factors to consider which constructing house for commercial rabbit farming in Kenya are described below. Am a smallscale farmer and would like to start rabbit farming but have no capital. Poultry Feed Formulation. Generally, a doe give birth of kids after every two months. What are the nutritional requirements for all types of dairy cows? The guide additional details the process of breeding stock selection, highlighting the issues of inbreeding as well as giving information on rabbit diseases and pests. Some local agrochemical companies have shown interest on Rabbit droppings but inadequate supply has always proved to be a challenge. In cold tempered areas, you can easily make a house with solid wall and roof. I am also afraid of increasing the production due to lack of market in my country. bran, pollard, maize and rice polishing. Rabbits like fresh food. am so much into starting rabbit farming and i thank you for the above information. Why not feed them with natural grasses or organic ones. 600,000 per week from selling chicks. It is very important for you to feed your dairy cows properly. But rabbit meat slaughter houses are coming up due to the high popularity and increasing demands of rabbit meat. Water. hey, am Maureen Lagat from Uasin Gishu county and i want to start rabbit farming i would like to know where i would get the right breeds. Some feed ingredients may also contain toxic substances, which may be detrimental to the animal when given in excessive amounts. Feed formulation software in Kenya Feed formulation software by Mwangi Mumero A Nairobi based software company Fika Systems Limited, has developed an easy to use feed formulation software that will help farmers come up with suitable well balanced feeds for their livestock. I would like to get a carlifornia white , flemish giant and chinchilla . I am impressed that many people have interest in raising rabbit, for the best rabbit breeds visit National Rabbit breeding Centre Ngong & you’l be taught more about Rabbit welcome. Vitamins. A Kenyan farmer dsiplays a health rabbit ready for the market. Am interested.. thanks , the advice is good i am interested in the rabbit farming Am in uganda and would like to start rabbit farming.i would like to know the cost of cages and feeds for 10 rabbits up to time of sale. It’s very easy to set up and raising rabbits commercially. Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries, Become a Successful Agripreneur – Free Scholarship Program, How e-commerce is saving small-scale traders from high rental costs in Nairobi, Rewarding small businesses you can start with less than Sh10,000, Great business opportunities to ride on amid the rising online purchases in Kenya, Porridge making and selling, a rare business that can earn you Sh60,000 a month, How you can walk home with Sh100,000 a month by just being an errand boy in town, Starting a photocopy business in Kenya, all you need to know, Bookkeeping services for small businesses, a great opportunity for young professionals, 6 Habits That Will Keep You Poor For The Rest Of Your Life, 10 Simple Ideas You Can Start With As Little As Ksh1000 Capital, How Did That Fool Overtake Me? Am in arusha and will love to buy some rabbit from your farm. You can purchase cages from the market or make custom cages from lathe shop. You are welcomed to join our Facebook community where you can interact with 100,000+ like-minded entrepreneurs on this and other interesting topics. Feed Formulation; Mycotoxin Analysis; Our Products. First, their meat is categorized as white meat. We recommend starting any type of farming business independently. HI there I’m very much interested in rabbit farming pls contact me tel :0721577306, How much does is cost for flenish giant, new zealand white,and califonia white phone no 0724210392 thanks, I am interested in a Flemish giant buck. thanks for the guide ,a tleast now i have a clue on how go about it. Fat and Oil. You can cover the walls, doors, roofs of a hutch with chicken wire netting or made up of bamboo or wood placed 20mm apart. Thank you! Regards 0723005016, Comment Text* iam Davies, i sell all types of Rabbits and Rabbit by products eg skin, urine and manure,delivery services available 0722575168. Thanks! Formulating feed rations for pigs Written by Maurice Rangoma. type here... Search. This type of foods are available in the market. By conducting various types of research, it has been seen that many people of the nation have taken up this business idea and are earning a lot from it. I would start keeping rabbits for sale in Siaya. am located in Kenya. An example of a data sheet is given in Table 18. Rabbit meat is very tasty and nutritious. Hello i am encouraged with the discussions we are looking for partners. Normally, there are two different avenues that you can use to sell your Rabbit products. Of course, the base raw materials may gradually change seasonally. The feed must be affordable. Why Pioneer Feeds? Comprehensive and up-to-date, the book evaluates new information on such topics as protein digestion and requirements, nutrition/disease interrelationships, feeding behavior, and nutrional factors involved in enteritis. According to the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), there are three (3) breeds of rabbits in Kenya; California, Chinchilla and New Zealand white. Thank you Required capital for starting a farm depends on the number of rabbits and the farming system you are going to use. thank you very much..i have learned more about rabbits can i learn more about vaccinattions, Mwl.gasper mshana © Copyright 2020 - Kuza Stories. We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to innovate and change the world by contributing to the nation’s economy and livelihood. Record keeping was also advised. Quail Minerals. The Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries will be able to furnish you with specific information like – where to source the right species and so forth. Chinchilla is a grey-brown breed and is preferred because it has a large mature weight. I am looking to farm rabbits for personal consumption and if population surpases my needs would gladly sell. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Gestation period stays for 28-31 days. Am interested in starting this commercial rabbit farming. Jean-Marc Perez. Starting rabbit farming in Kenya requires very low investment. If we can come together and have large production volumes then we can be able to have the benefits of scale and also have bargaining power as we are selling our rabbits this will even create production partnerships. Introduction One of the main advantages of small-scale I and my girlfriend just started rabbit farming but from research we have discovered that there is market just not for small rabbit farmers. Doe needs extra space for proper growth. You may also feed them on carrots. any one interested contact phone. This system is suitable for hot tempered areas. Thank you in advance, We have all these breeds at our rabbitry in Nairobi +254 706 237 943, Hi Pat. 0659294600, Hello Peter. Hi, my name is James Keru. All types and all aged people can easily consume and digest rabbit meat. I want to breed rabbits in machakos.What breeds should i go for considering the climate? @paul, kindly advice me on the cost of the rabbits and the housing, want to start the business early next year in Nyeri. Along with this you can add kitchen garbage, grasses, leaves of various trees etc. Rabbit breeding and rabbit meat in Ghana have both political and animal husbandry values. These feeds can be easily found in local agrovet shops and supermarkets. Kindly advice on commercial rabbit farming markets. Hilda Bass, Dear Dr Swai Never feed them polluted or expired food. you can get meat hybrid rabbits from Moshi Tanzania. First, you can sell through local companies that have established themselves as an authority in this line of business. You may also want to approach supermarkets in your area and request them to sell your stock. Dear Sir, We invest heavily in research and development to contribute in further improvement and durability of … We were able to put down a short informative article to help young farmers (as well as buyers) who want to venture into rabbit farming in Kenya. Deer AFGRI Animal Feeds plays a vital role in the food chain by transforming high quality raw materials into balanced feed for superior animal production. [email protected]. DESIGN FORMULATION OF RABBIT FEED BASED ON PALM KERNEL CAKE (P KC) AND OIL PALM FROND (O PF) ZULFADHLI BIN MOHD Report submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA PAHANG JANUARY 2012. vi ABSTRACT Palm oil miling is a major industry in … kindly guide on how you can be contacted, Hi umaru im interested in selling the rabits because i hv plenty, Hello baset, where are you based as am looking to start my project with 20 rabbits .Am based in kenya, am also interested with rabbit rearing .hopefully soon from ua motivation I will become one of the most business man when come to rabbit rearin. Description 1. Food to meat converting rate is higher on rabbit than any other livestock animals. Have all variety of rabbit kindly inbox of you need them 0708691317 am from Kakamega. Choose the method according to your production type and investment capability. Many areas in Kenya have copper deficiency in the soils and produce feed deficient in copper. Twitter: @JamesKeru Kind regards Make sure that the feeds you are going to produce at least meet or better yet, exceed the above minimum amount of fiber, but keep protein and fat level low. You can choose any breed which we have mentioned above. am emmy from uganda and am interested in starting a rabbit project, which breed is resistant to diseases and can produce many offsprings and where can i get such abreed here in uganda. Beatrice Hi, are you still doing this? 0708194713, yea Dennis am Evans Nyapola from Bungoma but currently living in Mombasa..i want to start rabbit farming on a small scale..kindly send me your prizes for best rabbits that are used for commercial purposes through my [email protected]..0724253755, Hi? please help me. Rabbits are nocturnal, and eat more at night. Generally you can feed your rabbit anything from your garden, kitchen or forest. Latest news. We don’t know about collecting rabbit urine and where it’s being sold. Ostrich I do not have their contacts. That is the key to all these discussions with out were doomed. From kenya. Many thanks. Most rabbits reach maturity in 5 months and achieve slaughter weight in just 3 months. Some offer maize and other grains without considering the amounts and economic returns. They can even consume the forage which people do not eat. Where you able to get some seed rabbit on dar? This would simply emphasize the word SAVING MONEY! which are the best breeds and where can I get some. God bless. Protein. If you have enough money for starting and if you can sell the products easily, then you should start independently. Thank you! Thank for your help. no. type here... Search. Rabbit droppings serve as tilapia food for those with ponds. How I turned my disastrous watermelon farm around to make millions. Rabbits stock feeds are formulated to provide the protein, energy, vitamins and other nutrients essential for health and efficient growth of the rabbits. My name is Robert Okwi from Uganda. More information on this can be obtained from the Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification (KBHC).“If you are looking for Halal Rabbit products, we would recommend buying live rabbits and getting Halal butcher to slaughter them for you. Other Names 53 MOLASSES. There are several benefits of commercial rabbit farming in Kenya. am interested in rabbit keeping for commercial purpose ,but I have no idea on how I can start .please am requesting for guidance. They love to stay in neat and clean house with good ventilation system. Hi am Gabriel Kanjiri from Kenya, I practice small scale Rabbit Farming and I need to venture in export, someone who is interested can assist me or we can also partner. Fish http://www.roysfarm.com/rabbit-breeds/, Am interested in getting some Rabbit breeds to Uganda, could some one advise me on how to get them to Uganda and how much they can cost me each. Hello I would like to start rabbit farming .Are there some organisations that supports farmers financially for the starters?. Here I am describing the steps for starting commercial rabbit farming business in Kenya. Choose breeds according to your desired production. A balanced diet is not only important for humans but for the dairy animals as well. Premixes. This ruminant and poultry feed formulation software is a knowledge-based software that contains all the nutritional properties of all known feed ingredients using the most accurate feeding standard. I was happy to read over about rabbit farming. Premixes. The fiber content should always exceed the protein content. Choosing suitable breeds for commercial rabbit farming in Kenya is most important. How I use hydroponics to feed my 700 chickens and guinea fowls. Cow This will help you for reducing feeding cost. Rabbit grows very fast and gain maturity earlier. One place to find market for rabbit meat is at local hotels. My question is where can I sale rabbits poop andRabbits urine in Kenya. Rabbit farming in Kenya has come under consideration as one of the successful business ventures from which the rabbit farmers of Kenya can earn a good amount of money. Can I get to know where you are located so that I visit you in person, hi i do rabbit rearing in bulk if you need breeds contact me 0700221488, Hello, am Benard from Makueni. They are on the same page as me. Deficiency symptoms are not specific and may include any of the following: Bleaching of hair in cattle especially around the eyes, abnormal wool growth in sheep, muscular incoordination, weakness at birth, anaemia, severe diarrhoea. The common rabbit breeds used for commercial production in Kenya are California White, Flemish Giant, New Zealand White and some other local cross breeds. And a suitable market place is coming up soon. Data from the Export Promotion Council (EPC) shows that demand for rabbit meat globally has not been fulfilled. Making suitable rabbit housing is the most important part for rabbit farming in Kenya. Maurice, Good morning, I offer training for farmers and for those who are willing to sell to me we can work on a farmer contractual basis, kindly give me a call 0708612864. 54 Arcane. Hi, i am looking forward to establishing a rabbit house for 300 rabbits. Comment Text* Am a potential small scale rabbits farmer. Basically, there are no formal markets for selling rabbit products so far like chickens, goats or fish. A free formulation software working with only Excel / Windows was adapted from poultry feeding to rabbit feeding. Call or sms 0797417487. Would stsrt in have construvtrd remaining to fix the cages only.Alsi do you sale breeder’s. I have a farm 48km outside Muheza, Tanga. How chicken farm makes Sh. i love this article, I’m in this line of business. Contact 0718686474, Hi Janet, am looking to start my project in March and would like to buy rabbits let me know how much and if you will deliver them to me in Shimoni kwale county mombasa .0718004855. secondly where are you located so that I can get intouch with you in person Rabbit meat is one of the best source of protein and healthier than other meats. Where do I buy the right breeds for farming around the lake regions in Kenya? My number +255784648301, I would like to know the prices of Newzealand White,California White and Flemish giant ,I want to start rearing them and also where to buy them in Nyeri, doris, thanka alot for your education on rabbit farming, where can l get you so that we can talk more . New Zealand and Californian are popular because they can be relied on for fur as well as meat. Contact Us, English Spot Rabbit: Characteristics, Uses & Full Breed Information, Harlequin Rabbit: Characteristics, Uses & Full Breed Information, British Giant Rabbit: Characteristics, Uses & Full Breed Information, Angora Rabbit: Characteristics, Origin, Uses & Full Breed Information, French Lop Rabbit: Characteristics, Uses & Full Breed Information, Rabbit Farming: How to Raise Rabbits (Guide for Beginners), Dutch Rabbit: Characteristics, Origin, Uses & Full Breed Information, Cauliflower Farming: Commercial Business Guide For Making Profits, Tomato Farming: Commercial Tomato Cultivation For Beginners, Peach Farming: Peach Fruit Cultivation For Beginners, Watermelon Farming: Business Plan & Guide For Beginners, Eucalyptus Farming: Eucalyptus Tree Cultivation For Beginners, Cactus Farming: Prickly Pear Cultivation For Beginners, Dates Farming: Date Palm Cultivation For Beginners, Turkey Breeds: Best Breeds For Turkey Farming Business, Poultry Farming For Beginners: Guide For Starting A Poultry Farm, Goat Farming Business Plan For Beginners (Complete Guide), Classification of Poultry: Class, Breed, Variety & Strain of Chicken, Poultry Farming: Complete Business Guide For Beginners, Body Parts Of Chicken: All You Need to Know About Different Body Parts, Pigeon Farming: Step-by-Step Guide For Pigeon Rearing Business. This is nice website, i like it very much! Rabbit droppings serve as tilapia food for those with ponds. I hope i will get sustainable help from you. Umar in uganda, i would like advice about rabitry, 0706889716, Comment Text*Those in Uganda that are interested in acquiring, starting or getting rabbits for breeders. Clean the feeding and watering equipment inside the house on a regular basis. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All those breeds are suitable for commercial production according to the environment and climate of Kenya. Each time one doe can give birth of 2-8 kids. Rabbit feed management takes about 75% of total production cost. Only a few suppliers are selling Halal certified rabbit meat. I have loved the information posted on net about rabbit raring. Rabbit The cost of rearing rabbits depends on the type of system you use. We have not enough idea about your location. The main benefits of rabbit farming business in Kenya are listed below. Iam interested in rabbit farming. Sitemap id wish to learn a lot from you. Disclaimer Rabbit urine is used both as an insecticide and fertilizer. Please let me know. Their skin and fur can be used in the manufacture of fashion items. Matatu Tout Vs. Bank Employee, 8 Little Secrets Of Running a Successful Hardware Store Business, Here’s A Breakdown Of The Capital You Would Need To Start Your Business, Strawberry Farming in Kenya: How To Make Ksh100,000 Per Month on 1/8th Acre Land, 5 Steps To Import Goods From China To Your Small Business in Kenya, 10 Small Business Ideas in Kenya 2015 – Learn How To Start One With Little Capital, How Employed People Remain Poor Despite Working Full-Time, Saving & Investing, Cost of labour (constructing rabbit hutches). Please can you advise on the breeds you have available? contact me at 0727953778, I am interested to buy 22 rabbits please contact me 0718004855 for prices and delivery, i have one month kienyeji chicks for sale. Proper ventilation system in the house is very essential. Please contact me on 0718,004,855 so that we can discuss more. feed transportation and what food types to feed the rabbits are also given. Tina. Aside from the cost of feeds, you should also add other costs as follows: Rabbits can be kept in virtually any part of Kenya provided they are housed properly and protected from predators. Rabbit’s reproduce 3 to 4 times annually. I’m planning to start rabbit farming in Kinangop. Do you deliver the rabit to Tanzania. That means 80cm * 80cm space is required for a medium sized rabbit. We are the manufactuere of rabbit feed supplements, we have very good products like growth promoters, and for fertility. Dear Dr Swai, An ideal feed composition for rabbits should look like this; 12% – 18% crude protein; 7% minerals; 14% fibre; A rabbit requires about 2700 kilocalories of metabolic energy daily. Choosing suitable breeds for commercial rabbit farming in Kenya is most important. Hey Mutumba umaru am Eve Kimuya from kenya and am interested with the international market please reach me soon +254717285092 thanks , Hello Umar, Duck A 20kg sack goes for between Ksh50 and Ksh200. Rabbit farming is also very pleasuring and entertaining. It must be attractive and palatable to the pig; It must not be mouldy. Privacy Policy I specialize in Newzealand white breed, Hii I have 76 rabbits, some are New Zealand white, California white, Dutch ready for sale….I need market ..help [email protected], Thanks alot for your education,keep it up.In need of rabbits am in nairobi anyone with it inbox thank u. I’m researching on rabbit rearing to start it in my home in Nyanza, Bondo…this is very interesting and helpful RoyFrm, keep it up and don’t get tired of our questions.. thanks and God bless you. Try the rabbit republic, they help with financing farmers. At PIONEER FEEDS LIMITED, our guiding philosophy has been to constantly reinvent ourselves to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment and ensure sustainable development.Our commitment to maintain unimpeachable standards of excellence and efficiency has led us to become a large and respected feed manufacturer. There are many factors to consider before you venture into Rabbit farming in Kenya. I Would Like To Start A Rabbit Keeping And I Am In Nandi County Where Can I Get The Breeds? Monday, October 29, 2012 . Facebook: James Keru. I once attended a seminar in chicken rearing organized by an international organization and someone said that there is NO POOR farmer any more. Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits 23 TABLE 5 Amino Acid Composition of Some Common Rabbit Feed Ingredients~ontinued Scientific Name Short Name American Feed Control Name (AAFCO) Line Canada Feeds Act Name (CFA) No. I have been for a long time trying to identify which type of business to get involved in. Even, you can start rabbit farming business in a well ventilated small space. Starting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances. to meet up our demand. I am securing two acres purposely for this project and in the next three years I need to be identified as the largest farmer. Bringing together international expertise in rabbit production, topics covered in this fully updated volume include digestive physiology, feed formulation and product quality, as well as feeding strategies, feed processing, feed management around weaning and the relationship between nutrition and intestinal health. the basic rabbit pellets ingredients Wheat, maize, sorghum, bran and pollard, hay and grass, Lucerne crumbles, vegetable protein meals, vegetable or animal oil, limestone, salt, choline chlorine, lysine, methionine, vitamin C, mould inhibitor, Riverina vitamin and mineral premix. With the formulation, you can easily decide the right feed that will be beneficial and save cost. You only need to visit several of these hotels in your area and talk to them about your farming business. Chicken Take some extra care and management to your rabbits. Ndung’u: How I get Sh. am a 3rd year student at kenyatta university and i wish to get a link to one of the farming enterprises in the country for my attachment purposes…..kindly anybody with a well set up farm farm to assist me please Generally, an adult rabbit weights between 2-7 kg. Reach me on 256 752 252828. thanks in advance, advice on the relevant capital to start a rabbit farm i would like to start with ten. 50,000 easy cash from rabbit farming monthly. I like your guidance in Rabit farming.kindly give more details as am interested in commercial farming.The basics of a starter.Thank you.Regards.Gabriel. The feed must be balanced in Nutrients. Need start this as business. 250,000 per month from my milk farm . For this reason, farmers with less than 100 rabbits are being urged to form groups at the county level in order to strategize on how best to supply other countries. Am ann from tala kangundo in machakos county. Thanks. Their skin and fur can be used in the manufacture of fashion items. i am pau l i syokimau kenya .which is the suitable breed for that area? {Rabbit meat has 20.8% protein as compared to lamb meat which contains 15.7% and beef 16.3%}. Histi- Iso- … Thanks for the additional information! Rabbit urine is used both as an insecticide and fertilizer. Thats great im actually in the process of starting a rabbit farm. But the rabbit meat popularity and consuming rate is increasing rapidly. I like your guideline onto how to raise rabbit farming in Kenya. Rabbit. They must receive all the necessary nutrients for good production as well as maintenance. For average size rabbits a 30 inches long, 20 inches high and 30 inches wide cage will be perfect. The second stage is to draw up a worksheet for feed formulation, which includes provision for the major nutrients and for cost data. This text corresponds to the INRA-AFZ 2002 Tables and has not been updated yet. Geoffrey Kariuki: How I make Sh. 20-30 young rabbits can be kept in each group. [email protected]. Taurai M. Hi ,am Umar in Uganda I just want to add on finding market strategies ,actually you can use international market because its gud and easy to use eventually it’s only way u can sell your rabbits if u have variety of rabbits and it’s the one I use. But now, rabbit farmers in Kenya are now raising highly meat producing rabbits for commercial production of meat and they are earning good money by doing this business. Try to google rabbit farming in Kenya, have come across where to sell urine and droppings, mostly us the locals. Some rabbit raisers prefer to formulate, or mix, their own rabbit ration at the local grain elevator. Rabbits are very clean animal. They can be used to formulate feed for any type of livestock; poultry, cattle, goat, sheep, rabbit, etc. I am in Zimbabwe. An adult rabbit will need 1/4 to 1/2 cup of pellets per 6 … Rabbit meat on display: Courtesy of Business Daily. The common rabbit breedsused for commercial production in Kenya are California White, Flemish Giant, New Zealand White and some other local cross breeds. Need your advice and how to rear them. Due to that, Kuza Biashara did some research on this agri-business opportunity. Sufficient amount of clean and fresh water is also required with proper nutritious rabbit feed. thank you for your knowledge. Am located in Thika and interested in rabbit farming. They become suitable for breeding within their 6 months of age. Rabbit meat has a huge demand in China and some other countries. Kuza Biashara advises you to carry out thorough research before you rush to invest in any kind of business. Feed rations for pigs are primarily made of grains, legumes, vitamins and minerals. Some really quality content on this website. I am interested in starting rabbit farming. Thank for this great advice. Learn how your comment data is processed. Feed Formulation; Mycotoxin Analysis; Our Products. Am looking for some please help. Can some one advice us on market for rabbit. ; the most fascinating feature of this software is that; they are free to download. Peter Shao Marketing process is most important part of rabbit farming in Kenya. Please help. The gestation period of rabbit is less compared to other livestock animals. This WFFU-DA package (for W indow-based U ser-friendly F eed F ormulation Workbook) is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese language. Many feed companies offer "complete" mixes of feed, balanced for the needs of the animals of a particular age and production class. You can give your rabbits commercial rabbit pellets feed and supplement with other food. Whats the cost? Because it has many advantages than contract farming. Am from eldoret and am selling crosses cal 0733958858, Hi eeveryone am a rabbit farmer and i am selling rabbits if you are in need just call 0716473554 thank you, How are you Caleb,where are you?i need rabbit, Advice Me Where To Buy The Best Breed Rabit, can we import from kenya to Tanzania (moshi)Flemish giant rabbits/new zealand white/angora and how much it will cost including transportation. Rabbit farming has taken the Kenyan market by storm over the last few years; but like with any other upcoming business idea in Kenya, farmers are encountering a couple of challenges. These include maize, barley, oats and sorghum. Animal feeds manufacturers in Kenya. How chicken farm makes Sh. 250,000 per month from my milk farm . Geoffrey Kariuki: How I make Sh. Hello, So, for earning some extra income, start commercial rabbit farming in Kenya. The second way to market your rabbits is through direct marketing. Alternatively, you can visit your local supermarket and look for products with the Halal mark of quality.” Recommends Josephine (a local rabbit farmer who is based in Ruai, Nairobi). Vaccinate them timely to keep free from all types of rabbit diseases. Please contact me on +256754901075. Make a drain inside the house so that you can easily clean the house. The nutritional values published in previous feed tables for rabbits diverge greatly, even for the most common feed materials (NRC, 1977; Cheeke, 1987; INRA, 1989; Maertens et al., 1990; Perez et al., 1998b). 80cm * 115cm space is perfect for an adult medium sized doe. Formal markets are not available right now. You can reach me on my email address [email protected] if interested in the idea. Google them. Please contact the person in your area who is doing this. We cordially wish your success! This translates to 2.25Kg in 90 days. Kindly send me the various breeds you have for meat and the prices. The Basic Formulation of Making Rabbit Feed Pellets The minimum rabbit nutrient requirements for a maintenance diet are 14% crude fiber, 2% fat, and crude protein 12%. This will help you reducing feeding costs. Apart from the high turnover that is characteristic of this field of business, rabbits have numerous benefits. READ ALSO: Rabbit farming in Kenya 2018 . Iam interest in commercial farming rabbits from Eldoret,Where do I buy right breed within eldoret // where do I get the feeds//total cost start of ten rabbits//market, Where can I get a new zealand white breed doe in Nairobi. On average 2Kg of rabbit pellets cost between Ksh90 and Ksh150. Heading to the pargh again bt now it’s gonna be commercial. Reach me via the following avenues. Ndung’u: How I get Sh. Please contact any local expert. For successful and... Read More. with their regular commercial feed. And convert this forage to valuable meat, wool, fur etc. All those breeds are suitable for commercial production according to the environment and climate of Kenya. Keep the kids or young rabbits in a group until they reach 4 months of age. The inclusion of these feed ingredients should therefore be limited or eliminated from the formulation. Keep us motivated. where can i get the right breeds for Central Region of Kenya specifically Kiambu. This is very educational I did the rabbit farming when I was a small boy , just for fun Can be reached at +255784648301. Rabbit. Rabbits are very fast growing animals like broiler chicken. please i need some ready market for my rabbits if you can sent me contacts of potential buyers i would appreciate, that you for availing this information i will put more efforts on my project and am targeting to have over one hundred by December.you forgot to mention that rabbit urine gives best fertilizer and a liter costs over kshs.400 also its fur quickly heals wounds caused by fire burns. Is it true that rabbit urine is also harvested and if yes where is it being sold and how much? Complete feeds should not be mixed with other grain, be-cause this may create nutritional imbalances. To market rabbits you need certification by the Veterinary services department (MALF), Kenya Bureau of Statistics. , advise on the relevant capital to start up a rabbit farm. am interested in rabbit farming, where is the rabbit market and where can l get the best breed, Hello, I have about 40. Rabbit Premix; Chick Starter Premix; Dairy Premix; Poultry Breeder Premix ; Dog Premix; Fish Premix; Pig Finisher; Layer Premix; Broiler Finisher Premix; Poultry grower premix; Pigmented layer premix; Sow and weaner Premix; Feed Additives. And if I went indecently , where do I buy the cages. Important! Would you please contact me .I would like to know the market place for the urine . Feeding costs for commercial rabbit farming in Kenya is also very less. New Zealand and Dutch breeds. Rabbit Premix; Chick Starter Premix; Dairy Premix; Poultry Breeder Premix ; Dog Premix; Fish Premix; Pig Finisher; Layer Premix; Broiler Finisher Premix; Poultry grower premix; Pigmented layer premix; Sow and weaner Premix; Feed Additives. All Rights Reserved. I have over 50 rabbits on sale. Comment Text*I have rabbits and am looking for market. Thank you so much I like your guidance as far as Rabbit farming is concerned I am interested in commercial farming and need basic knowledge for a starter. Am here at kakamega if you need them kindly inbox..0708691317 or just whatsaap, hello,am adil, i need a mixture of rabbbits from different regions,south afrika,newzealand. What makes up the pig’s feed: Carbohydrates. Regards Use the feed formula below to formula or produce concentrate feed for your rabbits.Crude Protein (CP)=17%Crude Fiber (CF)=15%Disclaimer: Livestocking is not responsible for any damage, loss or negative effect of using the above formula on your animals. Rabbits eat most anything green, just like goats and cows. An adequate rabbit feed must contain lots of fresh, green vegetative matter. Chinchilla is preferred for meat because of its large mature size. Thenks to you ,i now have a business idea to venture into.For all those who have the same idea i wish you success.Lets do this.God bless. most preferably newzealand, california white and chinchilla . Thanks you! By products are also used as energy e.g. Thanks for your kind consideration! Rabbit gestation period is less (generally between 28-31 days) and a doe give birth of kids after every 2 months. Try to monitor all their activities. Rabbit meat contain more protein and less in fat than beef, turkey, pork and even chickens meat. Seccharum officinarum 55 Cane Molasses (MFCO) As-Fed Basis and Dry Basis (Moisture Free) Interna tional Dry Argi- Cys. I started Breeding rabbits in 2014. A 20kg sack goes for between Ksh50 and Ksh200. kindly give structure design and approximate cost. I need Flemish Giants and California white, how can I get them in Uganda. Poultry feed formulation can be regarded both as an art as well as a science. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To some extent this can be blamed on poor flow of information from the sellers to the buyers (and vice versa).

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