Miles of Smiles Probolinggo

As yet another program in the effort to extend specialist medical assistance to people in need, the Hayandra Peduli Foundation conducted a free treatment and operation in the District of Probolinggo. The event was the third event conducted outside the greater area of Jakarta, to follow the previous two events in Kupang and Lampung.

The even that lasted for three days from Thursday (7/7/2011) until Saturday (9/7/2011) was held at the local hospital, the RSUD Tongas District of Probolinggo, East Java. Different to the previous events, this program did not only provide operation for lips and cleft palate, but also circumcision for boys. In conducting the event, the foundation was supported by several organisations, namely Java Banana Hotel in Bromo, and PT. Perhutani, as the main sponsors, and the Indonesian Military (TNI AD), the local government of Probolinggo and the local office of Ministry of Health, who had assisted us in collecting the patients.

The event was started by patients data entry. These are those who had been registered for either cleft surgery or circumcision. Before the event, we had managed to collect 16 patients for circumcision, 9 cleft patients and 1 additional patient, who was the parent of one of the cleft patient. When the parent took the kid to be treated, we found out that the parent was suspected of Basal cell carcinoma on the nose, so we treated him as well. We then started the circumcision procedures, which was assisted by medical personnels in Tongas Hospital. For the rest of the patients, the usual anamnesis, physical examination and lab check were then performed. The surgery was performed by 2 plastic surgeons, 1 anaesthetist, 1 general practitioner, and 1 nurse, all coming both from Jakarta and Malang.

Probolinggo was prioritised and selected because it is the closest district to Mount Bromo that allows surgery to take place. The Hayandra Peduli Foundation wanted to participate in assisting the people in around Mount Bromo, as they were quite affected by the recent Mount Bromo eruption in January 22, 2011.