Lampung Cleft Project, April 2011

Hayandra Peduli Foundation continues to provide the Miles of Smiles program. This time, the program was conducted in Imanuel Hospital, Bandar Lampung, on Apr. 14-16, 2011. The program was a collaboration between the foundation and the Provincial Government of Lampung, Sumatra, and was fully supported by many multinational companies and organizations: Sucofindo, Fahrenheit, Soroptimist International of Jakarta, Pasmat, and Latter-Day Saint Charities.


The social event was officiated by the Governor of Lampung Province. As usual, the program started with physical examination of the patients and followed by cleft lip and palate surgery by the Hayandra Peduli Foundation’s medical team.


The surgery for 33 patients performed by the medical team was successful.  Cleft lip patients were sent back home a few hours after the procedure. The cleft palate patients, however, needed to stay and be observed at the hospital for one day.


The parents of the patients expressed their gratitude for the event. They did not even dare to dream that their children could get such procedure, as they never had enough money to send them for treatment. They believe that the surgery is fate-changing, and they hoped the best for the future of their children.


The event was also much appreciated by the local government. The Governor wished it would be made periodical for the Lampung people.