Cleft Operation Charity Program in Partnership with Aqma Hospital

The Hayandra Peduli Foundation assigned their plastic surgeon to conduct Cleft Operation Charity Continuing Program in Aqma Hospital, Cikampek, West Java. Cikampek is about 2 hours drive from Jakarta. Aqma Hospital is a well known private hospital to have interest in assisting underprivileged patients. They have been providing health insurance premiums to patients as well as cooperating with various foundations in providing patients in need to access medical treatments.

This Cleft Operation Charity Program was initiated with operations to 5 children suffering from cleft lips & palates, with age range starting from 6 months to 13 years old. These children came from underprivileged families who otherwise had no access to specialist medicine services.

This program is a continuous program, planned to help as many as 25 cleft patients each month.